CBD for Senior Golfers: No Mulligans Needed

CBD for Senior Golfers: No Mulligans Needed

Posted by Richard Cowan on Aug 01, 2020

Golf is one of the few sports that can be actively played, usually regardless of age. Golf is a great game of skill, tactic and patience. It originated in Scotland as early as the 15th century and has since been a consistent global weight in the world of sports. Many call it the greatest game ever created, and while you can play golf “forever,” it doesn’t necessarily mean the sport is easy on the human body. From all the walking between holes, the swinging of your clubs, the occasional bend over for the ball, and the overall constant movement involved with the game, golf can get harder on your body as you age just like every other sport.

As many golfers age, whether they played their first game recently or have avidly golfed their entire life, strength of the swing can begin to dwindle. This can affect your golf game as the ball is unable to travel as far. Along with that comes range of motion and flexibility, on the backswing and on follow through. When it comes to playing a consistent golf game and keeping the mulligans to a minimum, these factors play a major roll. For the aging golfer, CBD is one of the best natural alternatives for keeping your golf game on point.

CBD For The Aging Golfer

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is one of the many compounds found in hemp or sativa cannabis plants. It is a naturally derived compound that works directly with the ECS or endocannabinoid system. This system in the body works to regulate and manage pain, sleep, appetite and generally speaking, mood and stress. CBD interacts with the body to synchronize and maintain an overall sense of wellness as well as target specific ailments. CBD has been shown to aid in reducing inflammation, blocking pain receptors from sending messages to the brain, as well as reducing stress or lowering levels of anxiety.

CBD can be consumed through a variety of methods, but for senior golfers specially, there are a few preferred methods of consumption. The first is through sublingual consumption, typically an oil to tincture taken orally, where the active ingredients enter the bloodstream and bodily systems immediately. Capsules are another great method of oral consumption, especially for those with “hempy” taste concerns. CBD capsules are perfectly dosed to give you all the benefits of CBD without the flavor. Lastly, CBD topicals are a popular choice for targeted relief through CBD application, most commonly used for pain and inflammation.

CBD Oils, Tinctures and Other Sublingual Consumption

There are a wide variety of CBD oils on the market today, some even catered specifically to seniors like Blue Ribbon Hemp’s Broad Spectrum 1000mg Tincture Oil. This potent elixir is a perfect relief option for senior golfers. By using CBD oil prior your round of golf as a senior, the soreness of playing a full 18 holes may be kept at bay, and nine feeling like a complete breeze. Another unique form of sublingual consumption that keeps the “hempy” aftertaste away, is Blue Ribbon Hemp’s Oral Strip. These tasty mint breathe savers contain 15mg of CBD per strip, which is ideal for easy and effective consumption mid-course. The inflammation of continuous swinging can also be reduced, which can followed by less or no soreness after the game. Taking CBD after a round of golf can likewise lessen the stiffness or soreness from the motion of the game, as well as make the recovery process for overworked muscles or creaky joints easier. For senior golfers, CBD oil, before or after a round of golf can help with keeping muscles and joints “well oiled” and functioning at peak performance. Likewise, taking CBD before a game of golf can create the ideal calm and focused head space for a senior golfer, allowing them to really enjoy and excel at the game.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are a popular choice among aging CBD users across the board. CBD capsules are perfectly dosed and can be taken as easily as a daily vitamin. Capsules are one of the easiest ways to consume CBD and hemp products. Simply swallow the capsule with some liquid and within an hour or so, the benefits begin to kick in. CBD capsules work easily with the endocannabinoid system, like Blue Ribbon Hemp’s 50mg Capsules. Created by Dr. Bob Melamede, these capsules even contain 600mg of N-Acetyl Cysteine, a naturally occurring amino acid that has been shown to be a key antioxidant in the body allowing it to thrive. CBD capsules like this are a great choice for senior golfers before or after a round. The amount of active CBD in each capsule can help golfers keep their swing consistent through pain management, as well as maintaining a focus on the game without getting stressed about your score card by the ninth hole.

CBD Topicals

When it comes to pain relief and management, CBD topicals are an extremely popular choice for seniors, especially those who like to remain active. CBD topicals are applied and absorbed just how they sound, through the skin. By rubbing a CBD topical, such as a balm, lotion or ointment into the skin, one can typically find pain relief and inflammation management in a targeted way. CBD topicals like Blue Ribbon Hemp’s Broad Spectrum Lotion are perfect for senior golfers with a specific area they are looking to treat. Whether it is a shoulder, knee or wrist, this lotion is made with MSM and phytocannabinoids that help it to penetrate the skin. This is the perfect choice for senior golfers who may be sore or stiff following a round.

Takeaways for Senior Golfers on CBD

Although golf is a universal sports with no age limit, being a senior player can impact your game. By utilizing CBD for muscle and joint pain, inflammation management and stress control, seniors golfers may see their greatness in the game retained. Whether you consume orally or apply topically, consider CBD to elevate and maintain your golf game as a senior citizen. To learn more about all Blue Ribbon Hemp products catered directly to seniors, click here