Dr. Bob Melamede discusses how NAC and CBD Fight Viral Infections like Coronavirus

Dr. Bob Melamede discusses how NAC and CBD Fight Viral Infections like Coronavirus

Posted by Dr. Bob Melamede on Jul 30, 2020

Dr. Bob Melamede had a chance to sit down with Derek Cross from The Hemp Chat and record this podcast where he speaks about the endocannabinoid system, as well as Blue Ribbon Hemp's new product, NAC + CBD Capsules. Take a look at an excerpt of the transcription from the podcast below. If you'd like to listen to the entire podcast, click the video above!

Derek Cross [00:00:03] You're listening to The Hemp Chat. I'm your host, Derek Cross and welcome to the show. Thank you for your participation in all forms and fashions here on the Hemp Chat, where we provide you inspiration, education and innovation topics. We're here to provide you the best information out there on the Web.

Derek Cross [00:01:52] One gentleman that's joining us on the show is been in this field for a very, very long time. I was honored to share the stage with him back to back at the Chicago Cannabis Conference many, many years ago, six, seven years ago. And I got to be onstage with Dr. Robert or Dr. Bob Melamede. However, you know, I'm in the space. He has been a pioneer educating about the health benefits of cannabis overall. He is our honored guest for today. And I know his work. I've been following extensively since before 2008, so he's always been an influential part of how I view the medicinal benefits in some of the research that they've done together collectively with his colleagues in the field.

Derek Cross [00:02:49] So he is currently working and been working with hemp companies, but his last work here in the more recent stages, has been working develop a product new to the market, extremely beneficial. And when you get to know Dr. Bob, he talks about the endocannabinoid system and everything hemp related CB1 receptors, CB2 receptors. Please look him up and look at some of his work. But another thing he does talk about is his theories on human metabolism and what they've developed over at Blue Ribbon Hemp is a product: hemp extract capsules as a dietary supplement that you can get with CBD and NAC. NAC is N-Acetyl Cysteine. It's a naturally occurring amino acid that recent studies have shown has had promise as a key antioxidant in the body, with CBD isolate, which regulates the endocannabinoid system. Okay, so that's what we're going to of get into on this show. And then Dr Bob also has a Web site called CBDSeniors.com, where you can find some of his work and what he does there, talking about mainstream CBD being available for the seniors and what pivotal role hemp and cannabis and CBD in all these goodies help as we're aging. We want these preventatives in in disease. We need to know this information about what's out there and whether we're looking at, you know, taking our diets in consideration are raw fruits and vegetables.

Derek Cross [00:05:15] Those are beneficial to our gut bacteria, our microbes, and working with things that we've depleted our systems. And in getting these things back into our metabolisms and trying to live as long as we possibly can, as healthy as we can. So being aligned with Dr. Bob, I am proud and honored to have had him here with us to share his little bits of knowledge. Dr. Bob is 72 years old and he looks young at 72; he's a young 72. And if you met him, you wouldn't think he's much older than 50 or 55, honestly. So whatever he's doing, it's working for him. And let's stay young and thrive, people. Let's live longer and prosper and hemp we trust. Welcome to the Hemp Chat.

Derek Cross [00:12:58] Dr. Bob, why don't you come in to us and let us know about what's going on in your world with COVID and where you see things. I know you have a lot of new things going on in your world with being part of Blue Ribbon Hemp and just kind of lightness about what you're developing with these products and what got you started being involved with Blue Ribbon.

Dr. Bob Melamede [00:13:57] Well, what got me involved with that was that I am friends with Dick Cowan and Justin Hartfield, so we had known each other for a number of years and we recently reconnected and I presented them with my kind of latest perceptions as to scientific reality. And when you have an open minded, intelligent person who listens to this scientific perspective, it's certainly at very least will intrigue them. And so what my interest has been all along is to understand life and how life works. And I've been fortunate enough to have come up with some very dramatically novel perceptions as to the origins of life and to the general functionality of life and how that knowledge can be applied to improving the human condition, in particular by improving human health. So that's how I got involved with them again, because what they've been trying to do is spread knowledge on the one hand.

Dr. Bob Melamede [00:14:42] And we see that coming through CBD Seniors and seniors in general have the greatest need for understanding how we work because they've been accumulating the error of our ways, so to speak. the longer you live, the more you accumulate knowledge and ignorance.

Dr. Bob Melamede [00:15:03] So what I've been trying to do is to shed the ignorant part of it and amplify the intelligence part of it so that we can understand what we are, how we are made, what we're made from, and really provide a physics-based definition for health so we can have some objective understanding of, quote, what reality is.

Derek Cross [00:15:31] What is reality? And reality to me, Doc, is when I go on stage and I talk about hemp & cannabis and how we've evolved: evolution, right? That's kind of how us humans have evolved. I always put it in a mindset because the past 50 years we've been eating like garbage. I want to bring it back to "We are what we eat" and nutrition and Hunter-Gatherer foragers. That's what makes up our DNA. All those plants and foods that we've eaten through millennia. And that's why I believe. And, you know, this plant has been so-called we don't have enough research or data on it, but we've found the endocannabinoid system within. We found how these plants can bind to our cell structures. We've learned from greats like you, and I want people to hear more on how the new cannabinoid system and plants go together.

Dr. Bob Melamede [00:16:42] Well, the thing that we should start from a couple of fundamental truths, and it's sad that they're not universally understood to be real and to be truths. So one is that we do have an endocannabinoid system, cannabis from within. We don't make the same chemicals that come from the plants: the phytocannabinoids, THC, marijuana and other related plant compounds that really form the basis for all of historical efforts and medicine. And what I've been very fortunate in discovering and understanding is that all life has a common denominator. You know, back when I was a student, a graduate student when I first started. That's when the genetic code was first discovered. And what that provided us with is an understanding that there's a common denominator to all life. It didn't matter whether you were an ant or a human. You had DNA. We had a genetic code. You had your DNA coded for RNA. That could be then translated into proteins, which could then act as enzymes, which could then facilitate chemical reactions. And when all of that happened together, you know, you're happy and healthy, right? What it didn't it would it didn't answer was how did all that happen? What drove that? So you could resort to concepts of God which simply say, we don't know, but we have this answer that we can place faith in. And I didn't find that satisfying enough. And what I looked at was, you know, a field of physics called thermodynamics, flowing energy, thermo energy dynamics flow. And I count I came to find out that thermodynamics was not about flowing energy. It was about statics and static energy. And the reason that was true is because math could be developed. That created a nice, clean picture…

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